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The Allan Knight brand is made in America, with traditional bench-made methods. Passion combines with knowledge of classical principles to create a fashion-forward stance. This is our outlook:  life should be lived around one's favorite elements in charming spaces that enchant and inspire. We only have one life to live, so resolve to live beautifully!

Acrylic Furniture
Allan Knight

through Allan’s eyes

"When I see your face light up, I know we are on our way. My mission in life is to ignite that light in our clients', friends', and associates' eyes. I am passionate when it comes to creating environments and objects. Dreaming, designing and delivering artful environments and objects of art is what wakes me up every day and lulls me to sleep at night. Maybe it's my ordered eye, my architectural vision, but I only love things that are pure in design, or original beyond belief. Those are things ripe for investment. I see our brand being held on to and owned for generations." 
- Allan Knight


The sales team at Allan Knight & Associates endeavors to lift cumbersome tasks as much as possible, in hopes that this changes the dynamic and makes the process much easier for designers and their clients. We give each relationship as much creativity, care, and focus as it requires until all are pleased. We challenge ourselves with each of our client's projects to make the very most of the job at hand. We want our clientele to shine. That is our true passion.


The thing about it is... we love to work! Starting with Allan and continuing throughout our handpicked, cultivated staff, a thread of dedication and perseverance is unmistakable. Our joy is to see your dream home materialize. This is the very spirit and essence of Allan Knight & Associates!

Benchmade Furniture


Allan Knight Lighting has become one of our trademark categories within the brand of products. Each handmade, heirloom chandelier, tabletop lamp, or sconce will bring an air of collected brilliance to any project! Our seasoned artisans produce their creations with decades of experience in metalworking and leafing which makes the customization of size and details, relatively simple. You may relax into our experience and know that you will receive an exceptional and if needed, one-of-a-kind item, which will be cherished while it lights your habitat for years to come.

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