Allan Knight and The Engine of Imagination

Your design ambition and imagination are only as deep or as wide as your fears allow them to be. It is my belief that our stalwart guard against the unknown fuels creativity.

Our Mind's Eye 

Every person on this planet has a fierce and absolute ability to imagine. For instance, our mind’s eye envisions our hopes for the future, such as the appearance of the love of our lives. When this person finally enters our life, or the very nature of our desires procures them, we observe the good fortune with a cool but curious mind. Without our imagination, would we have manifested this?

The Limelight Lounge

To that point, I designed a piece of furniture several years ago. It’s a very simple design but it has performed well, comparatively speaking. The design came to life somewhat suddenly, as if my imagination and my love for diagonals possessed me. Fortunately, diagonals keep the mood light and add interest without too much drama or pretense. The Limelight Lounge is my favorite piece of upholstery. It is whimsical, daring and a bit off center. That’s why I love it.

Keeping the Creative Fires Burning Bright

Whenever things get too serious and the daily tasks in the design world seem a burden, I think of the movie Titanic. Yes, James Cameron’s glorious cinematic spectacle. In my mind’s eye, I am not one of the first class passengers sipping tea while their luxurious world sinks. Rather, I am one of the steerage passengers following the rats, trying to avoid the cold deluge that will ultimately sink the ship.

Humility and fear of the cold keeps the creative fires burning bright. So, if I seem a little frosty at times, it may be because I have stepped away from the light to foster my creativity, and so that my little engine of imagination may continue forth.

Live Your Life Beautifully

Allan Knight designs and creates furniture so that you may live your life beautifully. Our brand combines passion with a knowledge of classical principles in order to create a fashion-forward stance. This is our outlook, on life, on imagintionation, on creativity, and on furniture. Life should be lived around one's favorite elements in charming spaces that enchant and inspire. 

We only have one life to live, so resolve to live beautifully! We encourage you to do so by exploring our selection of fashion-forward furniture, including tables, mirrors, serving trays, bar carts, lighting, seating, and more.

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