Turning Flaws into Features


Turning Flaws into Features

Here are just a few things to think about when beginning any design renovation or just sprucing up existing environments.

When evaluating any space, there may be a perception of flaws or issues that need to be corrected. Among these are lack of space, inadequate amount of light, materials that need to be updated, and so on.

Addressing one by one is the best way to approach the flaws and to hopefully turn them into a valuable feature or even an enviable asset!

Lack of Space

Every home has at least one room that needs more space; often it is a family or living room. Also, dining rooms may at times seem cramped because of the number of chairs.

Here are a few quick inspirations to help towards a reasonable solution for a design renovation. 

Clear Acrylic 

Yes, full disclosure, we do sell clear acrylic under our brand name, but there are very good reasons we do so.

Because we can see through clear acrylic and glass cocktail tables, these pieces create the perception of more space. It’s an optical trick that works almost every time for design renovation. 

The same idea goes for dining tables. Dining chairs tend to crowd a dining room or breakfast area. Clear acrylic or even a light gray acrylic table will take up much less volume with the result being a seemingly larger space compared to other options such as a wood dining table. Not that wood is bad, it just takes up more visual space! We LOVE wood veneer! However, each space calls for different material and design. That’s the fun of what we do: Placing the appropriate piece in the correct material in a beautiful environment, to create the client’s dream home.

Hawthorn Cocktail Table

Ribbon Cross Dining Table

Canyon Game Table in Chinchilla

Inadequate Light

When addressing the lack of light in a space, an obvious solution is to throw light upwards onto the light ceiling. Any pendant that angles light up will do the trick. 

The Studio Van Den Acker Jackson Round Pendant throws light up and has a downlight. The look of this lighting feature gives the space avant-garde appeal and limitless fun go.

The Allan Knight Halo Pendant is also a wonderful choice if downlights are not needed. Throwing a large amount of ambient light on any surface will lighten the room. Sexy and sleek, we have found that the Halo almost always works. 

Another option would be our Palma Pendant. It relies on ultra-thin iron with a metallic lacquer and uses mirrored globes for the light source. The modern and otherworldly look of this fixture adds a seriously contemporary look to any space while remaining space neutral. It literally reflects the room back at you!

Round Jackson Chandelier by Studio Van Den Acker

Halo Chandelier in Gold

Palma Pendant

Heavy Dark Wood Environments

My favorite thing to do with dark wood is painted it! Or, prime then plaster it in the client’s preferred color. Wallpaper also works well.

These days the options for bright and super appealing wallcovering borders in design renovation are overwhelming. Any type of subject matter may be applied directly to a wall, (after some prep work of course), to achieve the look of pastoral fields, technicolor jungle scenes, or a modern artist's take on a certain vernacular. Wallcoverings by Area Environments or Jakob Schlaepfer can work virtual wonders in transforming areas of any kind.
Van Ness/Palma

Enhance Your Space

There are many ways to solve issues such as minimal space, inadequate lighting, and overbearing wood, but with the right product and forethought behind your design renovation, your space will become a sanctuary of peaceful living. Isn’t this our only wish?

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