Why Furniture Orders Are Taking So Long

As wait times for furniture and home decor increase across the country, customers, understandably, have questions. Why are furniture orders taking months to be delivered? Some of us need a place to sit.

In short, these delays are the result of COVID-19 and weather-related hiccups affecting an international supply chain.

Events that Explain the Delays in Furniture Orders Deliveries

Texas’s Foam Shortage 

The infamous Texas ice storm that took place in mid-February of 2020 had lasting effects on the foam industry. During this time many Texas facilities closed, some up to four weeks. 

When these facilities resumed business, the re-starting process was compromised as a result of freezing temperatures and the loss of power over an extended period of time. Today, most facilities are still not back to full production which has led to a delay in furniture orders.

Vietnam’s Shortage of Workers

Vietnam is responsible for a large number of furniture exports to the United States. Unfortunately, the country is currently experiencing an intense coronavirus outbreak (likely caused by a new variant of the virus).

Approximately 9,765 new cases were reported in July according to the World Health Organization (only 371 new cases were confirmed in June). 

In response to the outbreak, many factories in Vietnam are temporarily closed, impacting furniture sellers in the United States. 

The Suez Canal Blockage

This past March, a stranded cargo ship in the middle of the Suez Canal was estimated to cause losses at $400 million an hour. 

Needless to say, the blockage suppressed an already strained supply chain, affecting many industries, including furniture orders.

Is Allan Knight Affected by Supply Chain Issues?

Fortunately, the delays that have affected furniture orders have not affected Allan Knight to the same extent. Our products are mainly produced locally by artisans and craftsmen living in this area. In the end, we have more control of our production chain. Meaning we always have something to offer our design clients.

We are all at the mercy of COVID-19, but our ability to retain priority pieces allows our clients to feel supported by the luxury design industry, not hindered by it. If you are interested in items from our collections, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo Caption: Resin Apollo table bases

Photo Captions: Miramar console cabinet in black lacquer and French gold leaf

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