Fanny Haim

Trained as a fine artist at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and the University of Miami and through an apprenticeship for David Manzur, Fanny Haim is on an eternal quest for new, different, and otherwise unrealized expression – for which Fanny Haim Atelier is the canvas. This drive has fueled Fanny to co-create textiles, rugs, furniture, and more that are exhilarating to her as a designer and others in the field. The personal curation and execution of all FH Atelier products through this unique collective of creative minds is a creative culmination powered by aligned inspiration, curiosity, and vision.

Fanny Haim is the President of FH Atelier. As a creative counterpart to her daughter Michelle Haim, Fanny contributes her vision and more than four decades of design experience to collaboratively develop FH Atelier’s products. Fanny and Michelle balance, stimulate and complement each other in their collective pursuit of quality, beauty, and synergy, all of which reflect Fanny’s work as a designer and her background in fine art. Her work for FH Atelier is the realization of a lifelong dream, spurred into reality by a trip to Japan, which fostered the initial inspiration for FH Atelier’s premiere products.

Michelle Haim is the Creative Director and Lead Designer of Fanny Haim Atelier. In her role, Michelle spearheads the research, marketing, branding, curation, and creative design of the brand’s furniture, textiles, rugs, and products.

Michelle launched Fanny Haim Atelier in 2017 as a realization of her and her mother’s shared vision – to provide timeless artisan products to designers worldwide, not otherwise available in the market. Her love for the fine details in her own interior design drove her to pursue her curiosity for interior and exterior décor. Under her vision, Fanny Haim Atelier has become synonymous with craftsmanship and quality with attention to sustainability and responsibility at every step, to redefine the notion of conscious luxury. With nature as her primary muse, her designs for FH Atelier embody a natural touch and modern organic aesthetic.

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