Randolph & Hein: Available Exclusively at Allan Knight

When is furniture more a piece of art than a simple chair? When it is designed and handcrafted by Randolph & Hein! In fact, several of the pieces from this collection made by Randolph & Hein are in the permanent collection of The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This is only one reason we are so proud it is available exclusively through Allan Knight.

A Little More About Randolph & Hein

Randolph & Hein as a company is dedicated to creating the finest quality hand-crafted furniture. They do so utilizing old world craftsmanship. Whether the furniture is traditional or contemporary in design, this exquisite craftsmanship and quality is inherent in each piece of furniture produced.

Founded in 1971, Randolph & Hein Inc. has evolved from a company producing faithful antique reproduction furniture, to commissioning and producing contemporary designs by prominent designers that have become timeless furniture classics of the twenty-first century. 

Fine hardwood and exotic veneers are used in all of their furniture, and there is also the option for custom furniture produced to meet exact clients specifications. They offer upholstered furniture, seating, as well as case goods, mirrors, and other accent pieces.

Why Handcrafted Furniture is so Sought-After

Randolph & Hein Furniture employs the finest materials and construction techniques. One may wonder why Randolph & Hein's commitment to handcrafted furniture matters. Surely in today's day and age something as trivial as this no longer matters. 

In fact, the industry is overrun by furniture without heart and soul. This is something only a true artisan, working on a masterpiece, can provide. Handcrafted furniture is made with great care. For this reason, it is generally of a higher quality than mass-produced furniture. 

Also, handcrafted furniture, such as that from Randolph & Hein, is built to be heirloom quality, so that it may be treasured for generations to come. A true craftsperson, taking great pride in his/her work is the critical piece that is missing in mass produced furniture, and remains the reason this types of elevated furnishings company continues to thrive amidst a world quickly produced furniture.

Allan Knight's Dallas, Texas Showroom

Randolph & Hein is available exclusively through Allan Knight & Associates at our Dallas, Texas showroom. We are proud of this, because Randolph & Hein fits perfectly into our vision for the world of tasteful and well produced furnishings.

Allan Knight feels that life should be lived around one's favorite elements in charming spaces that enchant and inspire. We only have one life to live, so resolve to live beautifully!

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